Rooster’s is the expression of the chef
at home in the kitchen.

Equipped with great skill and knowledge, the chef is still drawn to a simplicity whose only aim is to satisfy.

That’s not to say this kind of cooking is easy.

Simple food is harder to execute; there’s nowhere to hide the flaws. So, we go to great lengths to source quality ingredients from local farmers and purveyors. We take all the time necessary to develop their flavor and showcase their unique characteristics—using both European and modern techniques—and always working from scratch. And then we present them to you at the table with an equal amount of care, because the biggest difference between eating out and dining is the service.

At Rooster’s, we are relevant without being trendy; we can impress without being pretentious. That is because we are driven not by the food itself but by the people who enjoy it. Taking good care of people is fundamental to every pursuit the Noble Food Group undertakes. Our constant aim is to satisfy the needs of others, at the supper table and beyond, and to do so with excellence.

Here at Rooster’s, dinner really is served. (Lunch is, too.)